Exercises and testimonials

“I’ve been coming to Avondale Osteopaths for a few years and have always received the best treatment. The place feels so warm and relaxing, I really look forward to my tune up a few times a year” Z. Parish

”I like going to the gym 3 times a week and I know if I strain my back or neck the team at Avondale Osteopaths will help me out. The fact that they offer a full hour treatment helps me de-stress from a busy day at work” T.Patel

“Iain has been providing ‘preventative maintenance’ and advice on form and injury prevention to me for a couple of years. As a builder it’s important for me to keep my body in good condition and his services provide excellent value and results.” M.Scott

“I noticed after reaching 40 my body began to feel tight and I was having difficulty picking up my children, due to the pain in my neck and shoulders. Iain has made my body feel ten years younger and has given me the confidence to re-join the netball team. I may not make it to the Silver Ferns, but I love being part of the team again!” S. Wilson

“The specifically designed wooden clinic room makes me feel relaxed as soon as I walk in. Iain is very approachable and down to earth, which makes me feel comfortable and at ease during treatments. He has a wealth of knowledge and I like that he is discerning of when to work more physically to manipulate muscles and when to have a more subtle approach through the use of acupuncture” H. Tapner

“I have a very stressful job in charge of HR for a major company. I had been feeling more and more tense around the neck and shoulders, until one morning I woke up unable to move my head or neck. It was very painful. The first visit to the clinic provided instant relief and identified what was going on in combination with an old injury, all being aggravated by my stressful timetable at work. A couple more visits and some sensible advice Iain solved the problem and I sleep a lot better” P.Filoche

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